Battle Tek Beast Bag

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Product Description

Description: The Battle Tek Beast Bag is a great, multipurpose backpack made out of strong, tested Polyester with endurance proven mesh and was designed to hold everything you need for practices, game day or travel. The sizeable main compartment of the Battle Tek Beast Bag features a large opening with drawstring closure and locking pinch toggle that allows you to quickly and easily open or close the top when your equipment is needed.

The two shoulder straps of the Battle Tek Beast Bag are padded and sit comfortably on your shoulders and through the chest no matter the weight inside the bag. The straps are adjustable and an Battle Tek logo is proudly shown down both straps.

Battle Tek Beast Bag measurements approximately 23.5″ (L) x 10.5″ (W) x 9.5″ (D)


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