Battle Tek Athletics Introduces the XCLR8 Performance Socks

Battle Tek Athletics Introduces XCLR8 Performance Socks

Battle Tek Athletics is pleased to announce the inclusion of performance socks into its fine line of athletic clothing products now available online.  The Battle Tek Athletics performance sock is best known by its name “XCLR8” on the competitive athletic field of battle. They are also known as “comfortable” on and off the field. The name XCLR8 is an abbreviation for “Accelerate!” The XCLR8 socks are an undefeated element in the Battle Tek Athletics lineup for taking on the challenges of life, both on and off the athletic field of competition.

Overlooked Elements Can Contribute To Athletic Defeat!

Many athletes often overlook the importance of socks. Sometimes in competition, the smallest things can mean the difference between success and failure. Usually in battle, even in competitive athletic events, an element of clothing can contribute to a victory or a defeat. Coaches often emphasize the importance of training. They also stress repetition, drilling, and anticipation for what an opponent will do or how they will react to your moves or counter-moves. But one factor that is often overlooked by coaches and athletes is the level of comfort in athletic competition once an athlete takes to the field or the arena. Once the competition starts, thoughts of comfort are gone; they are replaced by quick-reacting tactics and strategy.

Battle Athletics Stresses The Importance Of Performance Socks For Added Comfort

There is no questioning the fact that comfort adds to an athlete’s overall performance. Weight an athlete down with a bulky, scratchy, abrasive uniform that causes rashes or discomfort and see how well that athlete performs! On the other hand, comfort frees the athlete from the mental distraction associated with any uniform-associated discomfort on the field.

Powerful Legs Are Necessary For Victory!

A big element in athletic performance is the strength derived from an athletes’ use of their legs and feet. Athletes derive power and mobility from their legs and feet. This power is necessary to outperform their rivals. Powering past an opponent or digging in defensively with your feet may define the critical play required for a win! So anything that assists an athlete’s power, agility, speed, or acceleration represents a huge benefit for the athlete, for the team, and for a victory!

Accelerate In Life – Both On And Off The Field In Battle Tek XLCR8 Performance Socks

With assisting your performance in mind, we offer the Battle Tek XLCR8 Performance Socks. We believe life is a battle and you should attack it. Furthermore, when challenged, it is always prudent to have in your arsenal the tools necessary to take on your challenge. Without question, the Battle Tek XLCR8 Performance Socks represent an integral component in both comfort and performance for facing life’s challenges.

XLCR8 Performance Socks — Performance Socks Suitable For Many Uses

The XLCR8 Performance Socks are ideal for a number of uses. Our performance socks are suitable for lacrosse, football, baseball, and soccer. What about less demanding activities? Yes, the XLR8 Performance socks are perfect for hiking or walking about. Battle XLCR8 Performance Socks are also a natural for any event that requires crew style socks that insulate and manage moisture. Battle Tek Performance socks are available in multiple colors and 2 sizes.

The Features for the XLCR8 Performance Socks include:

  • Crew style socks
  • They insulate and manage moisture
  • Durable heel/toe construction
  • Ergonomic cushioning for impact absorbency
  • Smooth toe seam adds comfort
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Great looking, stylish, and comfortable
  • Suitable for casual events
  • Available in 2 sizes (youth 1-6 or adult 7-12)


We have added these socks to our website with convenient links to them:

Battle Tek Athletics XLCR8 Black and White Performance Socks

Battle Tek Athletics XLCR8 Black and Red Performance Socks

Battle Tek Athletics XLCR8 Black and Pink Performance Socks

Battle Tek Athletics XLCR8 Navy and Green Performance Socks

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